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Advanced cybersecurity in your company

Discover why 0dAI is the agent you need in your cybersecurity team and how it can revolutionize the way you work.

0dAI for defensive cyber security.

0dAI for defensive cyber security.

Discover vulnerabilities in your company's infrastructure.

Scan your logical assets with 0dAI to detect hidden vulnerabilities based on our updated exploit database.

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0dAI for offensive cybersecurity

0dAI for offensive cybersecurity

Automate audits and pentesting

Perform complete pentesting and audits in an automated manner thanks to the fact that 0dAI integrates all professional cybersecurity tools into a single service.

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0dAI for cyber intelligence

0dAI for cyber intelligence

Discover the power of cyber intelligence in your organization

Automate OSINT data processing and centralize sources on a single platform.

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0dAI Copilot + Remote shells

Much more than a simple co-pilot.

It combines the power of an AI co-pilot with the tools most used by Hackers.

Thanks to remote shells you can carry out your tests from a controlled and anonymous environment.

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0dAI Flows®

Automation of advanced tasks.

Create automated workflows with 0dAI Flows®, a new way of working (or having AI work for you).

Flows® is an innovative system of nodes that allows you to create sequential flows to execute actions or functions.

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All the power of 0dAI in your project.

Integrate 0dAI technology into your applications with the 0dAPI® with unlimited access to all 0dAI models deployed to date.


Perfect synergy.

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